It’s all about recycling, re-using, re-creating!!!

Have you ever watched Toy Story and thought Sid’s mutant toy creations were kinda cool? If so, you are going to love our FUNKYTOYFACE series of workshops.

For the big kids - Using a hot glue gun, small hand tools and assorted plastic toys, plastic cast offs and recycled products participants will walk away with a FUNKYTOYFACE portrait ready to hang.

FUNKYTOYFACE collage designed for the younger members of your crew. Using paper, scissors and a healthy dose of imagination create a very unique artwork.

Once you’ve made your take home creation, we’ll need your help to create a large 2D sculpture wall hanging.

These workshops have been created by Sydney based sculptor and printmaker Freya Jobbins whose works have been exhibited Australia wide, and in England, Norway, Germany, Dubai, New York, San Francisco and Tel-Aviv.